Tailwind App Review: Is Tailwind Worth It for Pinterest Marketing

Tailwind App Review

Pinterest has steadily been growing into a major traffic source for our company and part of the reason for this steady growth has been because of the discovery of the Tailwind app, an all-in-one scheduling & analytical tool for Pinterest.

The Pinterest platform now commands over 265 million monthly users, so it’s fair to assume that some of your target audience is hanging out there.

We had been looking for some Pinterest tools for some time and there was one name that kept popping up ‘Tailwind”.

So, I personally purchased Tailwind for myself a few months ago and today I am going to do a Tailwind App review to reveal what it is, how it can help and if I think it is really worth it for Pinterest marketing.

What is Tailwind?

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You’ve probably heard of social media tools that help you schedule the release of content so you don’t have to do it manually every day. All you need is to set aside some time to upload the next few days’ content. The platform then does the posting for you throughout the days to come.

Tailwind does that, but it’s specifically designed for Pinterest and Instagram. This means you get features that are more appropriate for these platforms. If you know your target audience enjoys Pinterest and Instagram more than other social media apps, Tailwind can definitely add value to a marketing campaign.

The Benefits of Tailwind


Any Tailwind app review will mention how businesses and bloggers get more traction with little effort thanks to benefits like these:

  • You can set aside one session a week to plan your posts instead of doing it daily.
  • Many Tailwind users see a growth in followers and visitors within days of using the app.
  • Different packages are on offer so you can spend according to your budget.
  • There’s a free trial version to make sure if it will work for you.
  • It saves you time by automating tasks you usually do yourself.

How Does it Work?

How to Use Tailwind:

Of course, this platform is focused on helping you distribute images, so a first step would be to find a user-friendly design program such as Canva. If you’re using Tailwind to promote your blog or business, simply use interesting images and add your article title or other notable content.

For Pinterest users, it’s ideal to create various boards that relate to your content. Then start using the tools.

Pro tip:

social pug

If you use WordPress then I highly recommend installing the plugin called ( Social Pug ) it allows you several extra social features but the main one I use is the ability to add custom Pinterest  images in the back end so that when someone pins one of your posts it is pinned with the perfect dimensions for the Pinterest platform. see the example images below.

social pug Pinterest image example

social pug Pinterest image example - for tailwind app review

Note: I just need to acknowledge my friend for that pro tip above, as I learnt it from her Pinterest course, so if you’re also interested in ranking your pins and making them go viral on the Pinterest platform then I also highly recommend her course ( Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets ).

Additionally, she also provides a sweet little and affordable Tailwind Video Tutorial Course.

I like to give credit where credit is due so check it out if you are interested in learning more about the tailwind App and taking your Pinterest game to a new level!

Now, back to my tailwind review;

Scheduling Tools:

Whether you use Tailwind for Pinterest or Instagram scheduling can be a fun part of your week thanks to a range of tools to use:

  • Tribes: With Tailwind Tribes you connect with others posting similar content. You support your tribe by sharing each other’s content. This is only for Pinterest though.
  • Smartloop: On Pinterest, your best content can be reshared at times when high engagement is most likely. The Smartloop feature manages this on your behalf and leverages your best posts. You get traction without creating new content.
  • Smart Scheduling: The app tells you which times are best to share your content. A user-friendly interface allows you to add posts even via mobile phone.

Posting Tools

Newbies: don’t worry, most users comment on how user-friendly the platform is. All the features are clearly labelled and easy to incorporate in your strategy:

  • For Pinterest create boards as well as Board Lists.
  • The ‘Schedule’ button starts the process.
  • Add your new posts and pins.
  • With the ‘Use Interval’ and ‘Set Interval’ buttons you tell the app the daily frequency you prefer (how many pins a day).



This is my favourite part of the whole app, it provides tons of data and insights thanks to the analytics feature, you can gauge how to use the tools to your benefit and determine what content is getting the most traction and what is best to share:

  • Learn about industry trends and competitors’ benchmarks
  • You’ll get reports on profile trending and even which of your boards are getting the most traction
  • All Tailwind packages provide general metrics
  • Pro and Enterprise packages tell you which pins get the most engagement
  • With an advanced package, the app will analyze and tell you which hashtags and keywords are best to use


As you can see not all features are part of the basic package, so it may be worth investing a little more if you have the budget, however, I am just using the Tailwind Plus account which costs $15 per month but I bought it for a whole year which saved me about 33%, more on prices below.

Is Tailwind Worth it?

Tailwind is a sensible investment if you want to grow your followers and draw visitors to your website. Even while you’re still learning how to use it you’re bound to see an increase in traffic simply because the platform makes it so easy to repost your content.

But Tailwind may not be ideal if you just started your blog or business website. To make sure you get value for money we suggest you do your groundwork first:

  • Acquire at least a few hundred followers because the Tailwind app and running a blog will need the foundation of organic traffic to become truly successful.
  • Ensure you’ve done as much as you can in terms of SEO for your website, so the success of Tailwind isn’t encumbered by other problems.
  • Determine whether the investment will pay off in the next year. Perhaps it’s wiser to invest in another part of your online presence first. Make sure you don’t spend money on your blog you can’t really afford. You can always use Tailwind at a later stage when you know you’re ready.

What About Cost?

As mentioned earlier, Tailwind is not a free app, though there is a free trial option you can try out first. You’ll appreciate that the brand doesn’t require your credit card details in order to sign up for this trial, so no commitment is necessary yet. But of course there are limits to what you can do with the free version:

  • Not all features are activated
  • You only get 100 Pinterest pins
  • Only 30 Instagram pins are allowed
  • You don’t get much in terms of analytics


If you find it works for you it makes sense to start by using the Tailwind Plus which which as mentioned costs about $10/month if purchased annually. This is designed for bloggers and small businesses, but consider upgrading to a Professional or Enterprise package at some stage in future:

  • You’ll get more tools to leverage the tribes on Pinterest, making it worth the additional cost.
  • There are more analytics features to help you optimize your reach.
  • More collaborators are allowed.
  • + You get better support.

Important note: the plan will only cover one Instagram or Pinterest profile, so determine which is your most lucrative option before you start, we have just been covering Pinterest marketing here today.


Yes, Tailwind has been worth it for Pinterest marketing for me so far, but as mentioned in this Tailwind app review it may not be what you need right now, but it’s definitely an app to consider if you want to boost your Pinterest traffic.

Note from the above that the app is also more focused on Pinterest than Instagram, but yes, it can work for both.

Time it correctly and this could be the platform that gets you the Pinterest traction you need.

If you like the idea of trying out the Tailwind App then I would greatly appreciate if you sign up via my Affiliate link here, either way, I hope it helps you and your blog or business.

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