17 Legit Ways to Make Money Online From Your Home in 2019

legit ways to make money online

You’re lucky enough to live in an age where dreams really do come true: the large bank account most of us joke about can become your reality without doing the traditional 9-to-5. And it’s all thanks to what’s happening online.

Even if you don’t make a huge amount of money but can at least supplement your 9-5 income so you can live life on your town terms, wouldn’t that be awesome?

I already make a fulltime income online, The question is: is this something you want for yourself also?


Below we’ll summarize some of the most legit ways to make money online. What you start as a hobby can certainly make you a feasible income online while being in the comfort of your own home, I basically live in my pyjamas.

Best of all: there are so many real ways to make money from home, you can pick one that suits your talents, skills, schedule and budget. We’ll cover ways of how to make money online for beginners and even pros who are looking for a new challenge.

It may not be ‘easy money’ but what better way than earning while at home or working via your mobile? Technology makes it possible.

Real Ways To Make Money From Home:

1 Combine Affiliate Marketing with Your Blog or Website

Combine Affiliate Marketing with Your Blog or Website

If you already have a blog or website, why not make it your income source? Become an affiliate with merchants such as Amazon and feature their products. You’ll get paid a commission when visitors to your site buy their products via your affiliate links.

#2 Sell Products the Modern Way: Via eCommerce

e-commerce keyboard

Here’s the benefit of being a modern retailer: you don’t need to spend money buying or renting a brick and mortar store. With an eCommerce business, you showcase products online and ship them to clients. Depending on your resources and preferences you can feature other merchants’ wares or your own products.

If you don’t have space to stock merchandise, use drop shipping. You connect with the client, order from a merchant and organize shipping.

You never even have to handle or store the product, this has been a big industry over the last few years and I personally know several people who have become millionaires thanks to the power of e-commerce.

#3 Use Your Skills as a Freelancer

freelancer computer desk

Your skills can turn into legit ways to make money online without being bound to an office or working for a boss. Many industries such as marketing, website development, Social Media Management and writing offer profitable job opportunities for freelancers. Much of the communication and work submissions can happen online.

Additionally, a freelancer job can turn into a full-time gig with the right company, I have hired many freelancers over the years and a couple of them I still hire part-time and one has been fulltime for over 3 years now.

#4 Share Your Expertise in an Online Course

online course

When you know your job experience includes valuable lessons others would be happy to pay for, why not be their coach? Thanks to awesome platforms like Clickfunnels you can compile a course and sell it online to clients no matter where they are in the world.

Take it one step further and interact with them to make your course more valuable.

#5 Become a YouTube Star

YouTube Star

People mostly visit YouTube for two reasons: to be entertained or educated. Your skills in either of these niches can turn you into a YouTube phenomenon. Once you have 1000 subscribers and enough view time, you can start earning through the platform’s monetization program.

#6 Your Story via a Podcast


The next step after YouTube is to share your story live with podcasts. It’s wise to get into this niche now because podcasts are gaining popularity.

Again, by entertaining or educating others you can grow your number of followers and once you’re popular enough you can get sponsors to provide you with a steady income. You can also sell products on the show or launch a donation program.

A podcast was something I also seriously considered for myself, I do have the face for it, ( my dry sense of humour).

The basics you’ll need:

  • Research on trending topics to ensure you stay relevant.
  • Quality audio equipment.
  • Find a style. You can speak by yourself or interview others.

#7 Be a Narrator: Read Audiobooks


This is a tip for authors, avid readers as well as actors. Selling a book in its audio version can attract more sales, helping writers to get loyal followers. If you have a radio friendly voice you can be the one narrating the book and you’ll find online platforms that connect voice artists with authors.

#8 Become a Best Selling Author of an eBook


Thanks to technology you don’t have to pay exorbitant fees to get a book printed anymore. Whether it’s your life story, sharing your expertise or the fiction novel you wrote, they can all be sold on Amazon as eBooks.

#9 Utilize Freelance Job Sites


The world of freelancing deserves another mention, because it’s growing all the time. You don’t necessarily have to waste time finding clients when you opt for tip #3 above. Simply join freelance platforms such as UpWork where you’ll find job listings waiting. You’ll make a bid to get the job and hopefully secure a long term client.

#10 Etsy: The Modern Artist’s Showcase

etsy shop

No matter your niche, online resources may offer real ways to make money from home. For artists there’s Etsy. Here artists and hobbyists showcase their wares—ranging from jewelry to paintings and even furniture—with images. All the tools are available to sell to visitors who enjoy the site because it offers original items.

#11 Can You be an Instagram Influencer?


How big is your Instagram following? If you’ve progressed from being a simple user to being a trendsetter, you can turn it into revenue.

You can do shoutouts, Businesses will pay you if they can add their information to your list of posts and you can also promote your own product or services too.

#12 Advertise Your Spare Room


Get legit passive income online with Airbnb. A spare room or your second property can be advertised as space for rent. Offer visitors special options to make your asset more attractive such as taking the lodgers on local tours.

My partner and I have a small cabin on our property which we book out on the Airbnb platform and have found it an excellent way to bring in some much-needed extra income.

Important note: it’s usually your responsibility to keep the space clean so this one does require some effort, alternatively you can hire a cleaner for that part of the job.

#13 Become a VA ( Virtual Assistant )


Thanks to effective technology, most of what a regular PA does can be done online:

  • Email management
  • Travel bookings
  • Accounting
  • Research
  • Working on a database

You can work for one individual or find part time clients on freelancer platforms and help keep their lives organized.

#14 Website Testers are in High Demand

website tester

The importance of having a dynamic, user friendly website can’t be overstated. That’s why some businesses are willing to pay you simply to test their sites. You’ll give feedback of your experience so they know what to improve and you get paid per hour for simply being a browser.


Browsing online you’ll come across many resources that help you use the online community as a revenue stream. On you can get paid for sharing business knowledge with others who need advice about managing their own ventures.

Via phone calls you help them build apps or give practical insight on a certain industry. The platform helps you book calls and you get paid for each minute you engage with clients.

#16 Teach Online

Teach english Online

For this method, you do need a qualification. Once you have your ESL (English as a Second Language) accreditation you can teach others via Skype. Your students can be anywhere in the world and you’ll be paid per hour.

With multiple sites—such as VerbalPlanet—to find clients there’s more than enough opportunities online. Bonus: you can pick the hours you want to work.

#17 Join the Click Funnels Affiliate Program


We Saved the best for last, as the click funnels affiliate program is one of the best online income methods around if you’re an entrepreneur. The advantage is that training is provided so you can learn the ropes of turning visitors into leads and even loyal customers.

Want to try it out?


Do you have questions about a certain method mentioned above? Or perhaps you have a few tips for others looking for legit ways to make money online.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below or jump in for a discussion in our Facebook group and we’ll help each other optimize the modern ways of making money.

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