About Us

Well, It’s more about me really!

What i mean is the page title says “About Us” but this operation is an OMG (One Man Gang)

So, My name is Shane Paarman also known as Shanx to a lot of my friends, i’m currently living in Auckland New Zealand, in my last 30’s have 2 beautiful kids and an amazingly beautiful partner!

I have been generating a full-time income online since late 2015 and this income flows in rather passively in many forms of Digital Marketing.

The purpose of this website is for me to share what has worked for myself and what has not, and trust me there have been many failures along the way..

When i first started out i found that there was so much information out there that i did not know where to start, it was like information overload!

Do you ever get that?

I often got overwhelmed and fell into what i now know as the term “Shiny Object Syndrome” which basically means that i used to buy any new and awesome sounding so called push button software etc i could get my hands on.

This Resulted in a steep learning curve for myself and a lot of wasted money,  i found that once i simply knuckled down and stuck to a few proven marketing strategies, then i started to get results and have some success.

I hope that you too will save your self a lot of time, money and frustration from following.

One of my main passions other than online marketing has always been helping other people succeed, in whatever way i can.

Passive Digital = Creating Passive Income With Digital Marketing

To Your Success!